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A New Direction in Healing for Individuals, Couples, and Families

There is a direction to life and a purpose. The journey of healing requires that we find that direction and align with purpose. Learning to manage our vibrations is the secret to managing our health and our lives.   Read More.


It is a miracle to be free of the pain!

I was at peace. I felt rejuvenated.

How can Directional Healing benefit you?
Recommended Reading

An Invitation to Heal Front Cover

  • It is wonderful to feel love in my heart again. Your book is a benediction.   Mrs. B Hughes, N.C.

  • This book is an inspirational text, self-help workbook, and healing session all rolled into one.   S.D., Huntsville, AL

  • Highly Recommended by the Midwest Book Review; August 12, 2004

  • An Invitation To Heal, by Alabama author and the founder of Directional Healing, Susan Spalding, is an invitation to the contemporary reader to commence upon his own personal journey into the miraculous and experience for himself the healing power of "Soul..." (Read the rest of this review at

  • More about the book

Blessing: Six Secrets to Receiving and Being More Front Cover
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  • I wrote this article to define and clarify what I have learned about living and being in the flow of life's goodness. We don't have to depend on luck, chance, or merely hope for the best, if we learn the laws, actions and attitudes that create blessing.   Susan Spalding

  • I felt a great sense of peace and a "knowing." Rich blessings were mine. I had only to make that choice. Highly recommended.   Ann McNair

  • I love this article because it contains practical methods for receiving blessings. It is clear, concise, thought provoking, easy to read and motivating. Thank you so much for taking the time to offer this gift to us.   Rhonda Mitchell

Listening to the Rhythm of the Heart Front Cover
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  • How real are our lives? How connected are our lives to our hearts? The rhythm of the inner heart, sometimes referred to as the heart center, gives rhythm and purpose to our lives. As the feeling element, it gives vitality to our ideas and plans, and is the keeper of our ideals. Do you know your heart's desire? This article can help you explore the heart of your life path, and help you identify your heart's desire. If your life has lost its sense of wonder and joy, try the exercise in this article to align with the rhythm of your heart!   Susan Spalding

  • Susan's magical words once again provide amazing insight into our deeper self--into our hidden desires and hopes.   Ann McNair

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